The project WEP Soup is a dinner through which the members of the art community can share ideas. At the end of the dinner one person will get the opportunity to realize an exhibition funded by the people who attended the dinner. 

WEP SOUP will start with a dinner, which will take place on Friday the 29th of November, 2013 at 18:00. Everyone is invited to join us and pay €10 in exchange for soup, bread, salad and two drinks

During the dinner the presenters will be giving 5 minutes presentations on their ideas for an exhibition that could be carried out in our project space. After this, all the diners will get the opportunity to vote for the most convincing project. Out of all the money collected, WEP will subtract the costs of the dinner and the rental prize of one week of our project space in the following Spring. The rest of the money will go to the winner of the election, who will get the chance to realize his/her project in the WEP exhibition room.

If you want to join WEP SOUP, please sign up for our FB event. This will help us know for how many people should we prepare food.

Every artist and independent curator is welcome to present a project. No restrictions at all! If you want to do so please send us an email before the 27th of November to contact.wep@gmail.com. We will answer by giving you your place in the list of presenters (first-come, first-served) and with the instructions on what to do should you wish to accompany your presentation with a powerpoint, video, etc.

The winning exhibition will start in week 9 of 2014.

Attend the dinner by also adding yourself to the guest list!