'Fine' Minerva 4e jaars expo bij WEP


Chased by dreamy visions, possessed by untamed imagination we create new worlds liberating the ideas, reflecting our strongest beliefs. The non existing realities are floating around the hollowed universe, inhabited by bizarre characters, surrounded with colourful sensations, stormy weather and blue sunshine.
?We do tell stories, echoing gently they invite for an adventure in this twisted burst of unrestrained creativity. Let us guide you through the labyrinth of details, utopian valleys, deceptive transparency, luminous city suspended in the void and saturated visions questioning reality. Although the path you are to take seems chaotic you are welcome to open your mind and approach the space with own perception, contributing to our work with new interpretation. Enjoy the mellowness of imagery, our vivid dreams coming to life, aroma of lucid mysteries and freshly baked cupcakes.
Trust me, it will be Fine.